> What is Multi Million Dollar Business Opportunities and who is Martin Fluss?

What is Multi Million Dollar Business Opportunities and who is Martin Fluss?

Posted at: 2015-07-28 
There are countless make money offers employing smoke and mirrors, it's always wise to be skeptical and learn in advance the costs of the multiple levels of information. I could not find any unbiased examinations.

You can buy all of his "opportunities" in a package for a "bargain" $150,000


He has certainly cast his net in other waters...

Other sites he has owned:














Something else being promoted 2 years ago:

Records management-in the education field, and in Immigration to the USA. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity with no competition. Corporation requires territory partners for nationwide and worldwide expansion. Earnings are possible from anywhere starting at $100,000 to $350,000 per territory. No experience required. There are no sales required. Work from home! Television commercials do the talking for you. Training provided. Terms available. Earnings are unlike any other in any industry. Call Mr. Martin at 561 601 6863 or email to: mfluss@live.com

MULTI MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES is a professional company with a national and international reputation for the creation of appealing and money-making opportunities that go beyond 9 to 5 jobs confining you to an office. MULTI MILLION DOLLAR OPPORTUNITIES LLC has helped thousands of individuals such as yourself, from all walks of life achieve their financial objectives, through the efforts of our creative staff, and specialized experience in the industry over many years. The credit goes to Martin Fluss, the CEO of all these corporations. Considerable thought, development, and testing of each of the 15 opportunities has taken considerable time to perfect, but the results speak for themselves. These opportunities are all unique in nature with no competition in sight. This can all credited to the CEO who has perfected this system of success for many individuals. Mr. Martin Fluss should be commended for his creations.

Martin Fluss is a lowlife scammer. He takes people's money and provides nothing in return. Then he moves on to another venture, preying on new victims. He has been involved in a number of lawsuits, which he tries to settle. Here is one lawsuit that went to final judgment, where the judge saw through Martin Fluss's antics and awarded the full amount sought against him:


Search for Case Number: 2010-23010-CA-01 or the Defendant Name Fluss

Thank you so much for responding! That sounds great!